20 Items to Know

Liquid Egg Whites

At the top of our list is liquid egg whites. A staple for any serious dieter. Egg whites can be used in omeletes, kugels, muffins, quiches, crepes, blended soups, ground chicken patties, or as a filler to almost any food. Pure protein, and low in calories, egg whites are a must. The added convenience of not having to crack the egg and throw away the yolk is a plus.

Dole Frozen Fruit

Frozen pineapple, mango, and cherries are delicious straight out of the bag! It tastes like ices, only it's good for you. The fact that it takes longer to eat is another plus. We found Dole brand to be the most consistently ripe and tasty.

Poland Spring Sparklers

Flavored seltzer is a great item for anyone who wants to manage their weight. More and more flavored seltzers are hitting the market, and Poland Spring does a very nice job with it. We found cherry lemon flavor to be the most popular, but try them all!

Tuna in a Pouch

Tuna is a common lunch for many dieters. Often, especially at work, you don't want to be busy opening the can, draining the water, and blending the tuna. This product comes conveniently in a pouch and doesnt require any of the above preparation. Oh, and like a lot of other items on this list, the expiration date is usually years away for an added convenience.


While we don't usually include on this list foods that are obvious to everyone, what isn't so obvious is just how versatile this food is. Especially in foods that are typically not dietetic. Most notable uses for bananas are in cakes, cookies, ice creams, and smoothies. Bananas fill an important need.

Sushi Express Meal Plans

You can order several Sushi Express meal plans at a time, and then freeze and reheat them at your convenience. This is such a help for dieters and cannot be over-emphasized! Most people who fall off their diet, do so because they find themselves stuck without a quick meal option. We all know what happens next -once you go off your diet. Getting back on takes a rediculous amount of effort. This is a lifesaver for most people. It's worth mentioning that regardless you should have frozen and/or refridgerated meals available for these types of situations.

Frozen Spices & Herbs

People want to know what to do when they can no longer prepare food by adding copious amounts of oil, duck sauce, mayonnaise, and soup mixes. Frozen garlic, basil, and many other spices and herbs can add a great flavor and take the place of the unhealthy additives we are used to using. 

100 Calorie Pistachios

100 calorie healthy snacks are hard to come by. Available online, these 100 calorie packs are very convenient. Pistachios are our favorite nut because only pistachios allow you to eat 25 and still be within your 100 calorie snack allowance. Additionally, the fact that you need to open them forces you to eat slowly and mindfully, and makes an activity out of eating. 

White Whole Wheat Flour

The purpose of this post is not to promote whole wheat flour as a "superfood." While whole wheat flour is much better for you than white flour, even whole wheat flour needs to be monitered carefully if one wants to lose weight. The point of this post is that many people are unaware that white whole wheat flour tastes much better than dark whole wheat flour, but is 100 percent whole grain and has the exact same calories and nutritional value as regular whole wheat flour. It is simply a lighter species of grain.

Enlightened Roasted Fava Beans

We like this snack because it is crunchy, salty, and a great substitute for potato chips. High in fiber and protein, and in convenient 100 calorie bags. Available online. (Be sure to check the label because there is one variety of it that is not kosher).


Why is mustard on this list? Well it has zero calories and adds flavor to food. Specifically, many people are unaware that it goes great in tuna and egg salad. It adds liquid and flavor to otherwise dry and bland salad, as you are only allowed to use a bit of mayonaise or oil. On top of that, dietetic egg salad typically does not include too many yolks. Along with flavor and texture, mustard adds a beautiful yellow color to compensate for that.

Oat Bran

Extremely high in fiber and protein, oat bran must be added to your grocery list. Can be used as a cereal or in recipes. If you like grainy foods, such as cookies, oatbran is the only way to have them and still be legitimately dieting.

Unsweetened Apple Sauce

A cup of apple sauce is a 100 calorie snack, and is conveniently available in 50 calorie packs. What's more, apple sauce is a great substitute for oil, sugar, and/or eggs in recipes. If you like cookies and muffins, apple sauce is a key ingredient.

Goldbaums Quinoa Crisps

Who isn't looking for more snack options? This product satisfies at 100 calories per bag. It is also good for you and has some fiber and protein.

Ta'amti Spicy Pickles

Pickles have no calories. We like these pickles because they go great in salads. The pickle juice is actually a great zero calorie substitute for salad dressing. We love the spice and the crunch of the pickles too.

Shibolim Crisp Snax

They come in serveral flavors. 18 can be a 100 calorie snack. 22 is equivalent to 2 slices of 60 calorie whole wheat bread. Great on the go option. We have yet to find any bread item that compares to this one.

Meal Mart Turkey Patties

Enthusiastically received by the dieting community. Zero carbs and almost no fat. Officially 100 calories each but loses up to 30 calories as it cooks. 3 count as a dinner main on track 1 and 2 count as a dinner main on track 2. Also works for the "lean protein" diet.

Costco Tilapia

A very high quality tilapia, palatable even for those who are not particularly fond of fish. Conveniently comes in individual serving packets. 145 calories of lean protein per serving. Convenient because of it's freezability and microwavability. Simply microwave in the plastic for 6 minutes. Cooks evenly. I recommend serving it with salsa.

Landaus Soy Chips

Sometimes hard to find in stores, this is a great high protein, 100 calorie snack. It is a cross between potato chips and rice cakes. We found barbeque to be the most delicious flavor.

Minsley Cooked Quinoa

An "on the go" option. 170 calories. Does not require any cooking. Stays fresh for a year.

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