Booking Instructions

Read all the instructions on this page before joining the program.  Failure to read these instructions may result in additional fees, and cancelled appointments without a refund. 

(Note: If you purchased your membership before Pesach 2020, there is some additional information you need to know).

Acceptable Form of Payment

Use a credit card.  Do not use a debit card.  Make sure the credit card you use will not be declined.  Otherwise your membership will be automatically terminated.    more on this...   

Missing Your Appointment

You do not get a refund for missing an appointment.  If you see you cannot keep an appointment, you will not get refunded, but you still must cancel or reschedule the appointment.  To cancel or reschedule an appointment, click on the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button in the appointment confirmation email you received when you booked your appointment.  You must cancel or reschedule the appointment 12 hours in advance for follow ups, 24 hours for initials. If you miss the deadline to cancel your appointment, you must notify us as soon as possible using the Missed Appointment Form giving the reason you couldn't make it.  When you cancel an appointment, you do not get a refund.  Cancelling just takes away your obligation to show up.    more on this...

Yossi Muller Diet Program

The program begins with a 45-minute initial consultation and continues with weekly 10-minute follow up appointments for as long as you are on the program.  We are open Sunday through Friday.  Initial consultations take place during evenings and follow ups during the day.  Those who want to join the program should purchase a membership.  A membership saves you a lot of money and has other benefits.  When you purchase a membership, you pay for four weeks at a time which entitles you to four appointments, one per week.  Your credit card will be charged when you sign up, and every month forward until you cancel.    more on this...

First Time Booking

If you are a new client, purchase an initial consultation appointment.  Also purchase a membership which entitles you to recurring weekly follow up appointments.  If you are an old client and already had an initial, you might not need a new initial.  (If several months have elapsed from when you were last seen, you are probably better off getting a new initial).    more on this...

Buying a Membership

Before buying an initial consultation or a membership, check to see if we have follow up appointments available.  Do not buy a membership unless you see that we have multiple appointments available, as someone else may snatch the appointment you had in mind during the time it takes you to buy the membership and book your appointments.  Weekly follow ups should begin about a week after the initial.  If you are not scheduling an initial, follow ups may be scheduled to take place right away.    more on this...

How to Schedule

When scheduling an initial consultation, choose a day and time, select "continue," and book the appointment.  When scheduling follow ups, find a slot that is open the same day and time every week, and book four appointments

  1. Find a slot that is available for all four weeks.  Look ahead in the calendar to see if the slot you chose is available for upcoming weeks as well.  If not, choose a different slot.

  2. Select a day and time for your appointments.

  3. Select "recurring" (do not select "continue").

  4. Click on the button below "Add Recurring Times." 

You can schedule follow ups when prompted to do so after buying a membership, or by clicking on the "Schedule" button in any membership related email you received.    more on this...


To reschedule an appointment, click on the "Change/Cancel Appointment" button in the appointment confirmation email you got when you scheduled your appointment.  Initial consultations must be rescheduled at least 24 hours in advance, follow ups at least 12 hours in advance.  Rescheduling an appointment is only permitted within seven days of the appointment - you may not reschedule more than seven days in advance.    more on this...

Managing Your Account

To see when your credit card is due to be charged next, or to change your credit card information, click on the "Change/Cancel Membership" button in any membership related email you received.  To see how many appointment credits you have left, click on the "Schedule" button in any membership related email you received.    more on this...

Cancelling Membership

You may cancel your membership at any time by clicking on the "Change/Cancel Membership" button in any membership related email you received.  When cancelled, you will still be entitled to whatever appointments you have left.  You just won't be given a new set of four appointments the next month.  A membership doesn't end until you cancel it.    more on this...

Do not proceed to the next page unless you understand the instructions.  Failure to understand these instructions may result in additional fees, and cancelled appointments without a refund. 



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