Dietetic Foods: 

Air Popped Popcorn 30 per bowl Good Carbs

Chicken cutlet 30 per oz. Protein

Chicken on the bone 40 per oz. Protein

Egg Whites 20 each Protein

Flounder/Tilapia30 per oz. Protein

Fruit 60-90 per cup Good Carbs Non Starchy

Vegetables 30 per cup Good Carbs

P’tcha (fat skimmed)10 per oz.Protein/Good Carbs

Tuna (Plain)30 per oz. Protein

Turkey 30 per oz. Protein

Zucchini 35 each Good Carbs 


“Middle of the Road” Foods:

Avocado 175 per half Fat/good carbs

Beans/ Chickpeas 200 per cup cooked Good carbs/protein

Brown Rice 215 1 cup cooked Good Carbs

Butternut Squash 60 per cup Good Carbs

Eggs 75 each Fat/Protein

Lite Beer 80 for 12 oz. Bad Carbs/Alcohol

Low Fat Tuna Salad 225 per scoop Protein/Fat

Meat (Lean) 45 per oz. Protein/Fat

Oatmeal 165 1 cup cooked Good Carbs

Quinoa 225 1 cup cooked Good Carbs

Salmon/Lox 45 per oz. Fat/Protein

Sushi 250 per roll Carbs/Protein

Sweet Potato 110 each Good Carbs

Wine (Dry)100 for 5 oz. Alcohol/Carbs


Non Dietetic Foods: 

"Diet" Cole Slaw 150 per 1/2 cup Fat

Bagel 300 Bad Carbs

Beer 140 for 12 oz. Bad Carbs/Alcohol

Cake (Creamy)125 per square in. Fat/Bad Carbs

Cake (Spongy)75 per slice Fat/Bad Carbs

Challah 200 per slice Bad Carbs/Fat

Cheese Cake 800 per piece Fat/Bad Carbs

Cholent 450 per bowl Fat/ Carbs/Protein

Chumus 75 per oz. Fat Cold Cuts 30-80 per oz. Fat/Protein

Dips 600 per 1/2 container Fat

Donut 300 Fat/Bad Carbs

Falafel 100 each Fat

French Fries 450 small Fat/Bad Carbs

Gefilta Fish 120 per slice Protein/Fat/Bad Carbs

Herring 45 per piece Fat

Ice Cream 200 per scoop Fat/Bad Carbs

Kishka 200 per slice Fat/Bad Carbs

Kugel 350 per piece Fat/Bad Carbs

Liver (Chopped/Sautéed)400 per scoop Fat/Protein

Matzo Ball 125 Carbs/Fat

Nuts/Seeds 800 per cup Fat

Pasta with Cheese 1000 large Fat/Bad Carbs

Pizza 400 per slice Bad Carbs/Fat

Potato 160 each Carbs

Schnitzel (Fried)80 per oz.Fat/Protein

Sesame Chicken1600 large Fat/Bad Carbs

Shwarma 80 per oz.Fat/Protein

Steak/Meat 60 per oz. Fat/Protein

Techina 50 per tbsp. Fat

Tuna Salad 325 per scoop Fat/Protein

Whiskey/Vodka 60 per oz. Alcohol


"Dietetic"," middle of the road", and "non-dietetic" are based on the amount of calories contained in the food proportional to how filling the food is. It is also based on if the food consists of “good calories", "regular calories" or "bad calories". CALORIES ARE NOT ALL TREATED EQUALLY BY THE BODY.

Protein is "good" calories.

Good carbs and alcohol are "regular" calories, (1 calorie counts as 1 calorie).

Bad carbs and fat are "bad" calories

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