Recipes (Classic Diet)



Q: What's my track?


A: Most men are on track 1 unless advised otherwise. Women may be on track 1 or track 2. Most children under 13 are on track 2. If you are not sure which track you are on please ask.


Q: What are tracks based on?


A: Gender, age, height, weight, objectives, metabolism, pregnancy, nursing, and several other factors.


Q: What is the calorie breakdown for track 1?


A: Breakfast is around 250 calories.

Lunch is around 325 calories.

Supper is around 425 calories.

Dinner mains are around 225 calories.

Dinner sides are around 100 calories each.

Snacks are around 100 calories each.


Q: What is the calorie breakdown for track 2?


A: Breakfast is around 200 calories.

Lunch is around 275 calories.

Supper is around 375 calories.

Dinner mains are around 175 calories.

Dinner sides are around 100 calories each.

Snacks are around 100 calories each.


Q: The total amount of calories I get each day is very little. I will starve! Is this even healthy?


Once you factor in extra calories on shabbos, and calories from "freebies" that are super low in calories, (fresh vegetables, milk in coffee, Pam, Kiddush wine, etc.) you will see that you are getting more calories than the actual meals and snacks add up to. 


Q: What is the point of tracks?


A: One of the reasons for the success of this diet is that you simply have to count to 3. You do not have to keep track of calories/ points/ carbs, fat, and protein, or cut out certain food groups entirely. Tracks help make this possible. By having 2 tracks to work with, we are able to accomodate all body types. (Of course not everyone has the same exact diet. Tracks give us a good place to start, and then the diet is modified according to the individual).

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