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Appointments will be held remotely by phone until further notice.


Check back soon and often for updates!

For a limited time, we are making our online course completely free!


Sticking to a diet during an uncertain time can prove challenging!  Now more than ever, you need​ support to create and maintain new healthy habits to improve your health.  Our remote phone appointments have proven just as effective as in-person meetings.  Don't give up on your goals; Stay focused and see results!

Ideas for Keeping Healthy During COVID-19

  • If allowed in your area, take walks at a safe 6' distance from others and enjoy the fresh air

  • Create interesting dishes on your plan that you wouldn't ordinarily make

  • Stay focused on your plan and text in all food consumed for feedback

  • Connect with your family through interactive activities and games

  • Read new and interesting books on a variety of topics

  • Get new fun items to keep kids (and adults) busy. See links below:

  • If you have less of an appetite, take advantage

  • If you have more time to eat and more time to prepare, use the time to make good food choices

  • Do a better job controlling what type of food comes into the house and what type of food is made

  • Take on a project you couldn't do if not for the current situation; a project that won't involve eating, such as cleaning the furthest room from the kitchen for Pesach

  • Snack on "free" or almost free foods. Vegetables, 0 calorie dressings, weight loss coffee, etc.

How to Weigh Yourself at Home:

Go on the scale the same time and day you usually go on, with the same type of clothing. Make sure the scale is on a flat surface and keep it in the same place. Stand perfectly straight in the middle of the scale. If you are concerned the scale is not reporting the correct number, step on the scale a few times and see if the number changes. Eventually, the scale should correct itself and read a consistent number.

Best scale to buy


Making Time For Self-Care

  • Budget time in your day to be mindful of your stress level and have strategies in place to reduce anxiety

  • If you are feeling isolated, consider calling or video conferencing a friend or family member

  • Create structure in your daily routines to maintain a sense of normalcy 

  • Go to bed and rise at the same time each day to improve sleep patterns

  • Ask for help if you need it

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