My mission is to deliver the most effective weight loss coaching service. The program is seriously committed to habit change and dietary overhaul. This is the only way to make real, lasting change. Accountability is the core of my approach. Coaching is built on mandated accountability in the form of weekly appointments.


100% Commitment: The program is intended only for individuals who are absolutely serious about creating dramatic change in their lives. Anyone unwilling to commit 100% to the process isn’t ready for the Yossi Muller Diet Program. There are other programs out there that are more convenient and less demanding.


100% Compliance: I take my job very seriously and expect the same level of seriousness from my clients. Clients must make sure they keep their weekly appointments. There is no getting around this issue. This policy is not meant to be punitive but to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure everyone’s time isn’t wasted. If you are totally committed, then I can help you improve. Otherwise, my effectiveness is compromised. 


Compliance does not mean perfection: This policy is not to be confused with striving for perfection. I anticipate “slip ups” in the form of breaking the diet from time to time. Striving for perfection is unrealistic. We are human beings after all. Our goal is to establish a routine of consistency that you can rely upon, week after week, especially after you fall off track.  So long as you are attending appointments regularly, and doing your best to improve your eating habits, you are fulfilling the minimum standard of our program’s expectations.



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