Diet Readiness Quiz

The following quiz will determine if you are the right fit to succeed on a diet program.


Which best describes you?

I get more than enough sleep. (+2)
I get about 6 hours a night. (+1)
I'm an insomniac. (+0)

I am highly motivated and don't need a nutritionist to motivate me. (+2)
I am self-motivated but a nutritionist can still help me stay in line. (+1)
I need a nutritionist to motivate me. (+0)

The people in my household are very supportive of me eating healthy foods. (+2)
The people in my household will help me here and there, but won't go out of their way to make it easy for me. (+1)
The people in my household will regularly eat non dietetic foods and bring them the house. (+0)

I will not be tempted to eat from stress or boredom. (+2)
I may be tempted to eat but I think I can have self-control. (+1)
I am often tempted to eat unhealthy foods when stressed or bored. (+0)

I have free time in my week that I can devote to dieting. (+2)
I have a pretty tight schedule, but dieting is a priority, so I will make time for it. (+1)
I don't have much free time. (+0)

I'm the type of person that will listen to everything my nutritionist says. (+2)
I like following a diet plan, but I think I will "do my own thing" from time to time. (+1)
I don't think it's realistic for me to stick to a plan. (+0)

I am not set on specific goals. I will follow the program until I am happy with the way I feel. (+2)
I want to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. (+1)
I plan on losing 2 or more pounds per week. (+0)

I have no problem day after day, eating regular, planned meals. (+2)
I find myself out of my regular routine from time to time, I will just have to be careful. (+1)
I am often "on the go" and find myself in situations that I am not in control of what foods will be in front of me. (+0)


12-16: You are a very good candidate for the program.

7 -11: You are a good candidate for the program.

0-6: You are probably not in the position to succeed at dieting at this time.  You are best off first working to improve your lifestyle, environment, and mindset.