Differences Pre and Post Pesach 2020

The current booking instructions are for memberships purchased after Pesach 2020.  For memberships purchased before Pesach 2020, there is some important information to know that is not mentioned in the current booking instructions.

  • You were given 24 appointment credits total

  • You need to cancel your membership once you run out of appointment credits

  • Once cancelled, you are welcome to purchase a new membership, and the instructions will be a bit different. 

For full booking instructions pre-Pesach 2020 CLICK HERE

These differences pertain to our goal of protecting clients from someone else snatching their slot.

Before Pesach 2020, the way we protected clients was by giving each client a total of 24 appointment credits, so they can book appointments far ahead of schedule.

After Pesach 2020, the way we did that was by creating a software that reserves appointments for you.  CLICK HERE for more information.



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