Guest Posting By Yisroel Kleinman Noted Hypnotist Lakewood NJ We all know the cycle. You’re starting a new diet. You’re optimistic, on a plan, and really motivated to lose weight. It’s hard but well worth it so you hang on. After some days or weeks it starts getting easier. You’re getting into a routine. The cravings are slowing down and for the most part don’t bother you anymore. This is how you live now. You eat responsibly, you don’t overeat, and perhaps you even exercise. The numbers on the scale are dropping, you feel great, and you’re telling anyone who will listen to you about how they too can transform themselves. Things can only get better from here! And then it happens. You ‘cheat’. Maybe afterwards you feel disgusted with yourself or ashamed. Perhaps you promise to never do it again. And then you cheat again. And you feel bad. And then again. Soon enough you’re back to where you started. A few months later you’re ready to start again. And the cycle gets another go around. And then you ask, Why does this happen? What can I do to break out of it?


Let’s start with ‘Why does this happen’? Here’s my theory. In the last few years of working with people struggling with weight loss I have noticed something interesting. It seems that most people who are overweight aren’t overweight by accident. Rather they use food to accomplish a purpose. It’s their cushion, the thing that breaks life’s falls, their best friend, it’s what they turn to in their moment of need. And then weight loss becomes a priority. If their life is uncomplicated enough at the time, they put their old friend on hold so they can lose the weight. And off they go. Until they hit a key roadblock. The Bad State: We all have bad days and moments. Sometimes its stress, sometimes its anxiety, and often times it’s a dull sense of hollowness and emptiness. When that hits, as it inevitably does, the person feels so uncomfortable that they reach for their old best friend of food to help make things feel better. The Bad State is very dangerous to a diet. Unfortunately, for most people, it will inevitably occur. Here’s the key. Most people have no training in how to deal with Bad States. Trying to beat it without the training is like trying fly a 747 solo without going to flight school. It’s nearly impossible. Luckily, this type of training is within everyone’s reach.

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