FAQ'S - Appointments

How can I see my upcoming appointments?

At this point, you have to search through all your emails and put together a schedule.  In the future, as soon as you receive a confirmation email, you should put the appointment in your schedule.

Appointments were made for me that I do not want.

It may just be the system reserving appointments for you.  For more information, CLICK HERE

How do I get an appointment when my normal slot falls out on a Jewish holiday?

If you cannot get all 4 appointments in any given month because of Jewish holiday interference, CLICK HERE

Why does the number of my "appointments remaining" on the appointment booking page not match the actual appointments I have remaining?

"Appointments remaining" on the appointment booking page refers to the appointment credits, the number of appointments you are entitled to schedule. The other is referring to the actual appointments that are already scheduled.

What do I do if I cannot make it to my appointment?

If you see you cannot keep an appointment, you will not get refunded, but you still must cancel or reschedule the appointment.  To cancel or reschedule an appointment, click on the "Reschedule/Cancel Appointment" button in the appointment confirmation email you received when you booked your appointment.

Can I come in for a quick weigh-in if I missed my appointment?

Unfortunately no.

Why do I need to make the call for the phone call appointments? Is it possible for Yossi to call me?

Typically, the client before you will overstay their welcome unless interrupted by a knock on the door (or in your case, a phone call), and the client after you will arrive early and only wait if they see Yossi with a client (or in your case, on the phone).  Yossi has no way of knowing that there is someone he is supposed to speak to if they don't call.

Why did I not get all 4 appointments I am entitled to?

It could have been that you did not schedule them, or you relied on the system to schedule them for you, but it did not, and the system notified you.  Generally, if you did not get a confirmation email that you scheduled an appointment, you did not schedule an appointment.

Can I come together with a family member for an appointment?

If the family member is coming in to provide help or support, they are more than welcome to come and are even encouraged.  If the family member wants to come because they want their own personal diet plan, they need a separate appointment.

I do not like the slot I have.  Can I change it long-term?

Yes.  For this month, change all the slots you have to the slot you want.  For next month, you can override the system and prevent the reservations from converting into actual appointments.  The minute you get a "membership paid" email, schedule 4 recurring weekly appointments to take place on the same day and time.  This will probably result in all future appointments being switched to this new time, but check your emails to make sure.

Can I get appointments once every 2 weeks? Once a month?

Our system is not set up to accommodate any schedule other than once a week.  Coming less often than once a week is also not good for the client.  It's been shown that clients coming in less than once a week are not successful.

I am trying to book an initial consultation appointment, and I see there is nothing available.

If there are no appointments available, we are fully booked.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

I want a slot that is not available.  Can I get special accommodations?

Unfortunately no.

Some of the appointments I have scheduled have red lines through them.  Why?​

Those were appointments you tried to schedule, but you did not actually schedule them.

Are Zoom meetings an option?

No.  Zoom meetings prevent us from delivering the highest standard of care.  Zoom meetings interfere with note-taking and managing client profiles.

Can I swap appointments with someone else? Meaning, can we both show up at each other's appointments?

Preferably not, but in case of an emergency, it's fine.  Note: There were times when people thought they showed up to someone else's appointment, but they were mistaken, and the other person did not actually have that appointment.