FAQ'S - Cancelations

I am trying to cancel my membership, but I don't see where to do it on the website.

You cannot cancel a membership from the website.  This website just provides instructions for how to cancel. The only way to cancel is from a specific email you received.

Please cancel my membership for me.

We do not cancel memberships.

I thought I canceled my membership. Why was it not canceled?

You are probably not aware of the procedure for canceling a membership. If you did not get an email confirmation that you canceled your membership, assume it wasn't canceled.

If I cancel my membership, will I need to pay for an initial consult when I sign up again?

At this time, we allow customers to decide for themselves if they need a new initial consult.  You would have to pay a small setup fee, but you don't have to purchase a new initial consultation if you don't need one

Why am I still getting appointment reminders if I canceled my membership?

Appointments and memberships are two separate things.  You may have some more time until your membership expires, and therefore still have appointments scheduled.