FAQ'S - Scheduling

Do I need to schedule an initial consultation?

If you are a brand new client, you will need to schedule an initial.  However, if you were previously a client, we let you choose if you want to schedule one.

How do I schedule my next set of 4 appointments?

You probably do not need to; the system may have scheduled it for you.  Check your emails to find out.  If you see that the system did not schedule them for you, schedule 4 appointments the same day and slot, exactly like the original instructions for scheduling appointments.  If the system only scheduled some of your 4 appointments, go ahead and schedule an appointment for any week the system did not schedule an appointment for you.

Do I have to enter a code to schedule my appointments?

No.  Just click on the schedule button in your email (or when prompted to do it on the website itself, immediately after purchasing a membership.)

I have an initial consultation that I need to reschedule.  I tried rescheduling online, and it didn't give me any availability. What can I do?

If you cancel your appointment and submit this refund request form, we will usually honor it.  CLICK HERE

How do I reschedule an appointment?

Click on the "Reschedule Appointment" button in the appointment confirmation email you got when your appointment was originally scheduled.

Why do I not have an appointment this week if I scheduled it?

You may have thought you scheduled it but did not.  You may have been relying on the system to schedule appointments for you. Check your emails to make sure the system scheduled your appointments.