New Customers


Unfortunately, there is no help and support available for new customers, only existing customers.  The help and support page provides very little support, only information.  Customers have to manage completely on their own from start to finish.  There is no phone or email support.  If you need assistance, this program is probably not for you. 

Instructions need to be understood very clearly.  Managing your appointments and membership will not get any less complicated in the future.  If you do not understand the appointment booking process now from the instructions provided, you will only create more problems for yourself and others in the future. 

When customers do not follow instructions, they create problems for themselves, not getting appointments they should be entitled to and paying non-refundable fees they should not have to pay.  They also create problems for other customers, making it more difficult for them to use the system properly.  They also create problems for the company that handles the appointment booking software, resulting in the customer being banned from the program.