In order to succeed at losing weight, you must change your lifestyle. Change, however, especially lifestyle change, is difficult, therefore, it will need to happen over a period of time and in stages. Sustainability comes first! We want to make sure that this diet can work for YOU in the long run. It not only has to work with your schedule, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and individuality, it has to take into account the various challenging situations that will inevitably come up in your life.

Therefore, for the first few weeks of the diet we will focus on sustainability. We are not only changing the food you eat, we are working on changing YOU, the person eating the food. How do we do that? How do we make you become “one” with your diet? The only way to achieve this is by strictly following the diet that we will create together. This may sound a little tough but for now following the diet is the only way to get used to it and no longer feel deprived.

In addition, by starting off strong you will train yourself in the art of dieting and self-control.  Additionally, the inconvenience of sticking to the diet will force you to become creative and develop techniques for how to make the diet work despite the challenges you face. It is especially important to follow your diet when you are in a challenging situation. That is when change happens.Together, we will design a diet that will smoothly transition you into a healthy lifestyle—if only you follow it. 

The food options given to you on your diet are designed to get you to your goal weight. If you could get there with having more food, you would've been given more food. As the diet program progresses, we will begin to focus on education and empowering you so that eventually, you will be able to make your own educated lifestyle choices. In essence, we are training you to become your own nutritionist so that you can successfully maintain and sustain your weight loss.  But for now, the rules are very specific. If it's on the menu plan, it is allowed. If it’s not on the menu plan, it isn’t.

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