Metabolism Testing


Metabolism testing is a new technology that calculates your metabolic rate (that is, the number of calories you burn per day) down to the calorie.  Equipment analyzes your breath to calculate this number by measuring the oxygen breathed in and the carbon dioxide breathed out.  The program includes the following:


How Metabolism Testing Works


The metabolism test is simple.  You just sit in a chair, relax, and breathe as you would normally do, but through a tube connected to a machine.  Your nose is sealed to make sure that all the air you breathe goes into the machine.  The entire test takes only about 10 minutes.  It is totally safe and sanitary as everyone gets their own disposable breathing tube.  You handle the test yourself while the person administering it is just there to guide you and ensure that you are doing it properly. 


How to Prepare For the Test


•    Don’t eat for 4 hours before the test

•    Avoid caffeine for the day of the test

•    Avoid exercise the day of the test

•    Don’t drink water for an hour before the test


With the test, you get a nutrition consult, whereby the test results are interpreted for you along with personalized advice.  You also get to take home an individualized, detailed report.  This report will tell you a lot about metabolism, weight loss, and how it relates specifically to you.