Buying a Membership

Buying a membership technically entitles you to appointments, but if we do not have appointments available, you will not be able to book appointments.  We do not want you to buy a membership and have wasted your money when there are no appointments available.  Therefore, before buying a membership, check to see if we have appointments available.  Look at the single appointments to see what appointments are available.  (Single appointments are located on top of memberships).  When you click on an appointment type, a calendar will display. Any day in black has an available slot.  Any day in gray does not have an available slot.  For example, in the image on the bottom of the page, the only day that has availability is January, August 14th.  (If you find that all the days are in gray, there are no appointments available). 

It will take you a few minutes to buy your membership and book your appointments.  While it is unlikely that someone snatches the appointment you had in mind during that time, it is a possibility.  Therefore, don't buy a membership unless we have multiple appointments available, as someone else may book the appointment you had in mind during the time it takes you to buy the membership and book your appointments.  Book your 24 appointments immediately after buying the membership so no one takes your slot. 

Weekly follow ups should begin about a week after the initial consultation.

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