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Do not schedule two appointments in the same week.  For example: You may not book a Sunday and Tuesday of the same week.  When you purchase a membership, you pay for four weeks at a time which entitles you to four appointments, one per week.  When you purchase a membership, you are given the ability to book 24 appointments.  These 24 appointments are given to you in the form of appointment credits.  Even though you only pay for four weeks at a time, which entitles you to at most four appointments, you are given these 24 appointment credits at the start.  In this way, you can reserve your slot for long term, meaning no other client can take your weekly slot.  However, you are not entitled to more than one appointment per week.  For example, if you have an appointment scheduled on Sunday, and you missed your appointment, you may not use one of your appointment credits to schedule another appointment to take place that same week.  When you miss an appointment, (even if you are excused) you lose the opportunity for an appointment that week.

You pay for four weeks at a time, which entitles you to four appointments for that four week membership payment period; not more than four. 

That being said, there are circumstances that allow for two appointments in the same week:

Example one: You have a recurring appointment for Sunday and realize that you can’t make one of the Sunday appointments. A week before that Sunday, you may reschedule your Sunday appointments to two days before, on Friday. So technically, you will have two appointments in the same week, which is fine since you are not booking more than four appointments during the four-week membership payment period. 

Example two: Your appointment is usually on Tuesday, and for one week you rescheduled your appointment to take place on Friday.  For future weeks, you continue on your usual day, Tuesday.  (Which is only four days from Friday) That's fine since you are not booking more than four appointments in a four-week membership payment period.


Aside for recurring appointments, do not schedule an appointment more than a week or so in advance.  (This would interfere with other clients trying to schedule recurring weekly appointments).  For example: Your appointment every week is on Tuesday.  You know you are going to be out of town on Tuesday three weeks from now for business.  You want to reschedule your Tuesday appointment to Wednesday so as not to miss a week.  To do that, wait until that business week comes.  Only then should you reschedule the appointment.  In this case, since your original appointment is on Tuesday, you should reschedule no earlier than seven days prior to that Tuesday.  The same rule applies even if you are keeping the same day, and just changing the time.

Single appointments (appointments that are not recurring) should not be scheduled more than a week or so in advance.

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