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Supper typically consists of 1 main & up to 2 sides. (For example “chicken, cooked vegetables, & a lite soup”).


Dinner main dishes (around 175 calories)

Main dishes are all interchangable


4-5 oz. chicken

5 oz. turkey breast

5 oz. ground white meat chicken

6 oz. tilapia/flounder/perch

6 oz. tuna steak/cod/bronzini

4 oz. salmon/ seabass/ white fish

4 oz. baked breaded lite chicken cutlet

4 oz. ground chicken

4 oz. skirt/hangar/oyster steak

4 oz. extra lean chop meat

3-4 oz. London broil/veal

3-4 oz. minute steak/roast/brisket

3-4 oz. lean chopped meat



People typically get up to 2 sides by supper. The size of the dish depends on what track you’re on. Supper side dishes are all interchangeable. (The higher carb foods are portioned to have less calories per serving, to compensate for the higher carb content).


Dinner side dishes. (around 100 calories)


Salad* with 2 tbsp. lite dressing.

Salad* with 1 tsp. oil

½ plate cooked vegetables

16 oz. bowl lite soup

6-8 inch corn on the cob

1 ½ cups butternut squash

Small sweet potato (5 oz.) 

1 fruit

2/3 cup cooked kasha

1 ½ cups snap peas

1 ½ cups eggplant cubed

½ cup cooked br rice

1 ½ cups cooked edamame (in pods)

5 (1 inch) baby potatoes

½ baked potato (medium)

1 cup beets

2/3 cup cooked beans or lentils

1 ½ ww breads



*Salad must be made with vegetables that are free with a meal. The size of the salad does not matter, as salad by itself is free. Dressing and oil, however, count, and you must carefully calculate the amount of dressing or oil in your portion of salad.

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