On an average day, 12 cups of water go into our body and 12 cups of water leave our body*.12 cups of water going in and out every day over the course of a week add up to 84 cups, which weigh 42 pounds. Now the body doesn't gain and lose exactly 42 pounds of water every week. It may be off by a few pounds on any given week and that discrepancy will be reflected on your weight. You need to be prepared to go on the scale and see results that you did not expect. This cannot be overemphasized!    

Therefore, as you begin your diet do not focus too much on what the scale says each week. Rather our concern is if you are changing your lifestyle and if your clothing is getting looser. If you focus on results, you will never change, but if you focus on change, you will get results. Some of the factors that cause you to lose more water than usual and give you the impression that you are losing more weight then you actually are - are protein, caffeine, alcohol, exercise, a hot day, skipping meals, or shocking your body by starting a diet (or even during a diet if you have a stricter week then usual).

Ironically, drinking a lot of water causes water loss as well. Some of the factors that cause you to lose less water than usual giving you the impression that you are not losing as much weight as you actually are - are carbs, salt, and being less strict on a diet than you were the previous week. Also, as a diet progresses your body will recover back some of that water it lost during the initial shock.A lot of the initial weight we lose when we are on a diet is water. Therefore, we should never get confident and feel like we can cheat on a diet when we see that we are losing weight easily. As the diet progresses we will continue to go down in clothing sizes, but we will not see the same results on the scale.

There is another reason why the lbs. don’t come off as fast later on in the diet. We will discuss that when we talk about “Calories and Weight Loss”.


*We get water from drinking, eating (food is 50 % water), and by simply existing. Our body knows how to take hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere and combine them to create water. We lose water by going to the restroom, by sweating (whether you feel it or not), and by breathing out water vapor.



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