• Splenda is ordinary sugar with added chlorine.
  • Chlorine is added to the sugar in a laboratory to make the body reject it, so that the body has a hard time storing it as fat.
  • The sweet taste is the sugar, the strange aftertaste is the chlorine.
  • A packet of Splenda actually contains ¼ of the calories as sugar, but they can legally write “0 calories” on the label because it has very few calories.
  • Splenda can cause strong food cravings for up to 72 hours later. Consuming chemicals from a laboratory is not always good for the chemistry of our bodies, so it may slow down the metabolism, which will result in weight gain.

Other Zero Calorie Sweeteners

  • Zero calorie sweeteners are more dietetic than sugar, but you are better off with no sweeteners at all.
  • Like Splenda, the other sweeteners may cause strong food cravings for up to 72 hours, and like Splenda, it may slow down the metabolism, which will result in weight gain.
  • Stevia and xylitol are considered to be safer than the others. Current research indicates that they do not slow down the metabolism. When scientists conduct research on foods that exists in the natural world, the research tends to be quite reliable. However, when scientists conduct research on chemicals that are developed in a laboratory, the research may not be as reliable. Sometimes more time needs to transpire to know something definitively. Alternative sweeteners are developed in a laboratory and what is understood today about stevia and xylitol may change.

Don’t think that sugar is more dietetic than fake sugar. It’s true that fake sugar is bad for your health, may cause cravings, and slow down your metabolism, but real sugar is bad for your health, causes cravings, slows down your metabolism, AND has calories! So between the two, fake sugar is better than real sugar for weight loss.



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